1. A paragraph introducing yourself.

Hello, my name is Wenceslao Ruiz. I’m a part time student at UAF. I started taking courses at UAF years ago (when I was still stationed there) but since then, the Army has taken me abroad to the country of Germany. It’s pleasant enough here and the people are actually pretty nice here (opinions may very) but nothing beats living in the US (if you ask me) and I’m eager to return back there. I’ve actually hit upon a bit of luck. I’m suppose to be returning to Alaska soon and I’m looking forward to it. To me, Fairbanks feels like home and I’ve missed it greatly over the years. I’ve returned once or twice but it’s not quite the same as living there and being part of the community. And my family is eager to go back as well. My wife especially; she grew up there she’s missed it since she set her first footstep on the plane departing. So other then that kind of quick snapshot of myself, I guess I should give some stats on my self: I’m a Soldier in the Army and I’ve been serving for 15 years now. Some say this is the downward slope but I feels like an upward climb to me. Still, my family supports me in what needs to be done and keep me in check. I have a wife, 7 children (4 with me and 3 with my ex-wife), 2 dogs, and one cat. Well that’s me in the short and sweet.

2. Upload an image of your choosing.

A toy my daughter sent me for Christmas taken hostage by the guys during deployment.
A toy my daughter sent me for Christmas taken hostage by the guys during deployment.

3. Describe in a paragraph your relationship to art.  Do you paint, sculpt or draw?  Do you play an instrument, write music, or participate in live theater?  Have you done film making?  What are some of your experiences in viewing art, music or theater as an audience member?

I’m not actually much of an artist. I used to draw when I was younger and I was “ok” at it. For a while, I was a baker and that felt like art; creating delicious food stuff that people really seem to enjoy. But it’s been years since I baked anything and almost as much since I did anything google artistically when it comes drawing. My passion I suppose would be fixing things. I’m a tinkerer and an overall handyman. Whether it’s a car or a kid’s toy, I feel pleasure for making things work again. I’m not sure if that counts as art but otherwise, I’m artistically tone deaf. Other than that, I watch movies and tv shows like the average viewer but I’m not a connoisseur of any particular performance art form though I have seen the occasional play or musical. Still, those didn’t particularly arouse any feels of overwhelming need or desire to follow up with more of the same.

4. A link to content on the web that relates to the arts.  You may also choose to embed a video.